Instrumental Music


Instrumental Music Lessons

The Mount Isa Instrumental Music Program allows students to undertake tuition in the following areas:

  • Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
  • Woodwind - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bassoon.
  • Brass - Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba
  • Percussion - Drums, Bells, Xylophone, Shakers etc...

Lesson Policy – How lessons fit into normal schooling

Secondary Schools: At the beginning of the year students will be placed on a lesson roster system for their particular instrument. Lesson timetables will be issued individually to students, as well as being displayed in the music room. Students are asked to check the timetables regularly so that they remember to attend their lessons as scheduled. Each week students will miss 35 minutes of their regular classes and come to the music room for their lesson. For example, if in week 1 their instrumental music lesson is on Tuesday at 9.00am, the following week it may be at 9.35 am etc. This will continue until the rotation is complete, it will then recommence the cycle.

Can I learn two instruments?

Students who wish to learn more than one instrument may do so after due consultation with parents/carers, class teachers, instrumental teachers and with the principal’s approval. The opportunity to learn more than one instrument is reserved for interested students who show outstanding commitment and dedication to their school and music studies.


Students attend lessons on a weekly basis. Class teachers are aware of the importance and value of the instrumental music program for Mount Isa schools. Teachers are very willing to help students to catch up on work that they may have missed while attending their instrumental music lesson.  

From time to time particularly for seniors around exam blocks, students may need to miss instrumental music lessons because of an in–class assessment or a class activity. Academic achievement is very important and the instrumental teachers will make every effort to re-schedule lessons although it is not always possible.

If a student needs to miss an instrumental lesson or ensemble rehearsal for any reason, the common procedure is to inform their instrumental teacher on the morning of the lesson. The key to all of this is communication. Instrumental  teachers become very disappointed when a student misses their lesson or ensemble  rehearsal with no explanation.

Reporting Procedure

Instrumental music students are assessed at the end of each semester. This forms part of their academic report. If you have any queries regarding the reporting procedure please discuss this with your school administration or directly to the instrumental music teacher.

Instrumental Ensembles

One of the requirements of being a member of the instrumental music program is to become a member of a school or community ensemble. This will depend on the number and level of students in individual schools and will be decided at the    discretion of the instrumental music teacher.

Last reviewed 09 April 2020
Last updated 09 April 2020